Honor Roll!

Congratulations to Nicole Renee, whose work has been selected for a watercolor book entitled “Splash 16 – Exploring Texture” by North Lights Publishing.

Donna Godlove was invited to compete in the 7th Annual Mount Maryland Plein Air Event.

Gail Beem is teaching “An Exploration in Pastels” in August at Robert Morris University.

Honor Roll is a regular post that recognizes Artist Boot Camp participants for their successes.  If you have a success you’d like to share, please email me at artisanadvantage@gmail.com  

Big Ideas Vs. Little Words

When talking sales or business with a prospective customer, people tend to worry about the big ideas – such as “How much does this cost?” or “When can you have this completed?”… When the difference in a successful or not so successful outcome could hinge on the little words.

There are common words in our language that seem harmless, but at a subconscious level they can prevent people from taking action.  Be mindful of your language and make some simple adjustments to motivate buyers and strengthen relations.

Instead of Why use How.

Why do you think that the commission work is only worth $500?  would be better asked How did you arrive at the price for this work?

Instead of But use And

I would like to finalize this agreement with you, but I can’t make any money at that price , could be better stated,  I would like to finalize this agreement with you, and we need to figure out a way that we can stay within budget yet make this profitable for me.

Instead of If use When.  

If I am able to complete this project for you,  would be better stated,  when I am able to complete this project for you.

Practicing these subtle changes in conversation on a day-to-day basis to make them second nature when the time comes for an important business discussion.

Honor Roll!

Congratulations to Artist Boot Camp Participant Martha Hopkins Skarlinski who was selected as a Juror Award Winner in the Pittsburgh Society’s of Artists juried Intr(au)spective for her work Unsee.  

Martha Ressler has been included in the new book, 1000 Quilt Inspirations, edited by Sandra Sider, published by Quarto Publishing Group.

Also, Nicole Renee’s work was chosen as inspiration for a room at the ASID Designer Showcase at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show in March.   This artist has also been busy with a recent residency and fellowship.  

Honor Roll is a regular post that recognizes Artist Boot Camp participants for their successes.  If you have a success you’d like to share, please email me at artisanadvantage@gmail.com  

What Did Google Just Do and How Does It Affect Me?

Google recently changed their mobile search algorithm so that websites that are not mobile friendly will not longer be included in Google searches done on mobile devices.  Use of mobile devices is increasing, and with Google being the world’s most popular search engine, its something you need to consider for your artist website.

Only mobile searches are affected at this time.  Google searches on desktops or laptops are not affected by this and a website will still show up regardless of whether it meets Google’s criteria.  For users of Google Analytics, check the percentage of desktop and mobile users on your site under “Audience Overview”.   No matter where they are coming from now, this is a growing trend that you need to embrace to not be at a disadvantage.

What Should you Do?

Take Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to see how your site stacks up.  The test will analyze your URL and report whether you have a mobile friendly design.  If your site is ready, then you can relax until the next change.  If your site is NOT mobile-ready,you should take steps to fix it.  For sites that “fail” the test,  Google gives a detailed list of changes that you can implement to make it mobile-friendly.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on what happened when I tested my artist sites.